What is the best Blizzard Beach Water Slide?

Blizzard Beach Water Park

Everyone has a favourite must do attraction. Here we’re looking at the best Blizzard Beach Water Slide. Refresh your memories and share with us your go to Water slide.

Walt Disney World Resort has two main water parks. Blizzard Beach is inspired by Alpine ski resort and global warming… or sort of.
The official story is a freak snow storm created the opportunity for some business minds to open Orlandos first Ski Resort. Unfortunately it didn’t last too long as the sunshine state started to thaw out their investment. Just as the operators were about to wrap up teh venture and cut their losses there heard a “YAAAAHOOOOOO!!!!” coming from the melting mountain of snow. When they looked up the spotted a blue Aligator with a red scarf and golden float ring careering down the slopes. With that they spotted the potential of the melted ski resort. The Ice Gator became the parks mascot.

The Water Slides

With 12 main water slides has something for everyone. Whether your looking for theme, thrill or leisurely fun, you’ll find something. The slopes are graded into colours; Green, Purple and Red.

  • Green Slope – These water slides are all singles tracks shoots and are found at the upper most part of Mount Gushmore. Guests can see some amazing views of the resort from here.
  • Purple Slope – These slides are all found midway up the mountain, they are also multi-lane slides, which makes them ideal for racing against others.
  • Red Slope – This section is found around the rear of Mount Gushmore and features 3 slides of different paths.

Green Slope

Summit Plummet

Summit Plummet Water Slide

Summit Plummet is the main centre point of the park. With a slide of 120 feet high and guests reaching 60mph on their descent, this isn’t for the faint hearted. The Slide is the second tallest free fall slide in the world. And had been recognised as the tallest, until Beach Park in Brazil built theirs. The magic is very much in the detail here too. Themed around a ski jump spectators on the ground will be able to witness plummeteers drop down the slide and seem to evaporate off the jump end, with a mist of snow. In fact they continue down through the base in through the rock and down to a slide stop.

Guests have been known to get some of the best wedgies ever on this slide and it has been known to rip off bikini tops!

Join Tobytuber on Summit Plummit with his Point of View Slide-through video.


Teamboat Springs

Teamboat Springs - Blizzard Beach

Team Boat Springs is a white water family raft ride, which twists and turns down a 1,400 ft track. This also makes it the world longest ride of this kind. Guests board a blur inflatable raft and are seated in groups of four to six. From past experience with this attraction the more weight there is in the boat the faster it seems to go. Duo riders may end up joining another pair for their white water experience.

Check out Guide2Disney video of the water slide.


Slush Gusher

Slush Gusher


This snow banked gully slide is designed for speed. It has 2 peaks in it, or 3 drops depending upon which side of the fence your view is! Not as high as Summit Plummet, but not a million miles from it. If you have a head for heights, this would be a tamer alternative to the big one.

Check out the slide video by Blackops266



Blizzard Beach Chairlift

A one way transportation lift to the top of Mount Gushmore. From here you can venture on to the big three slides from the Green Slopes. The Chairlift itself is one of the “attractions” listed here and it is nicely themed. When your lap bar comes down a set of skis lower below your feet too. This add to the ski resort theme. You can gain some unique views from the lift too. With a prime viewing spot of Summit Plummet to the left of the chairs.

Watch this video from TrueLifeAdventures channel


Purple Slopes

Toboggan Racers

Toboggan Racers

Toboggan Racers is an 8 lane racing slide. All eight lanes are signalled to push off at the same time, although the actual racing is questionable as it’s all down to your initial push off.
Riders Sliders lie on their fronts on a foam mat that has 2 glide handles at the front. You head down head first  down this more gradual version of Slush Gusher.

View the official Disney Parks video if this Water Slide.


Snow Stormers

Snow Stormers

Snow Stormers is a “switchback slalom style mat slide”. This basically means it is the same as the Toboggan Racers except it snakes back and forth. Sliders are lying on a mat face down head first. The Mat seems to protect you quite well from water in the face and the end catch pool.

Check out this video by DeathbyIllusion.


Downhill Double Dipper

Downhill Double Dipper

Downhill Double Dipper is a pair of tube slides that are designed for racing. Guests sit on an inflatable ring and are presented to the start of the slide where a ride stop prevent you from going. When the land pool is clear both guests are released simultaneously and are timed at the bottom.
***Top Tip. When you get to the land pool try and lift your butt out the water or it will act like an anchor. I’ve seen guests tip out straight way, but also guests skimming the length of the pool.

Check out this video by WaterSlideDatabase



Red Slopes

Runoff Rapids

Runoff Rapids

Hidden off the back of Mount Gushmore are 3 slides that are totally different, but are all grouped as Runoff Rapids. Each slide guests float down on tubes, with the option for double guests. Each one should have it’s own name, but instead we’ll call them Left, Right and Center! I totally under estimated these ones mainly because they were tucked so far back.

Check out these videos by George Araújo




So. The important question is, which slide do you think is the best? Which one is your must do slide? Which one do you head for first?

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  • Reply May 22, 2014

    Matthew Smith

    My favourite has to be Teamboat Springs. Love that slide!

  • Reply May 23, 2014

    Jo Benny

    Last time we went we didn’t get a chance to see Runoff Rapids as we stayed mainly over by the kids area. If I was voting I’d go with Snow Stormers, head first down a speedy slide.

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