Up Easter Eggs

UP Easter Eggs

Pixar have been hiding references in their films almost from day one. The collective term for any hidden goodies is now referred to as an easter egg. We have sorted through Pixar’s Up and have catalogued all the references that are through out the film. We have also highlighted some of the subtle items that are over looked.

Up Easter Eggs - Charles Muntz

Charles Muntz has his Badge ripped off this jacket from the National Explorer’s Society. He is still wearing the same jacket 70 years later. You can still see the dark patch of leather where it used to be.
The name Charles Muntz, is a reference to Charles Mintz, who tried to sue Walt Disney over the ownership of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Pixar Up Easter Eggs

Although you wouldn’t know it This Crowd scene is just animated hats!! (there is only 1 person here Charles Muntz).

Up Easter Eggs - DVD

The Ellie Badge Stays with Carl through out the movie and only moves on when he passes it to Russell in the Wilderness Explorers Award ceremony.

Up Easter Eggs - Grape Soda

Up was release in May 2009. Here is a reference to it on the number plate.

Up Easter Eggs - Ambulance

The church that Carl and Ellie get married in is also the church that holds her funeral.

Up Easter Eggs - Wedding

Up Easter Eggs - Funeral

The medication that Carl Frederickson takes is produced by the Luxo Drug company. Luxo was the animated angle poise light that featured in early pixar animations and their title logo.

Up Easter Eggs - Luxo

The voice for construction foreman Tom is provided by John Ratzenberger. John has provided the voice for characters in all of Pixar’s films.

Up Easter Eggs - Ratzenberger

Lou Romano : The Lighting Art Director on UP shares his birthdate on this truck (April 15th 1972)

Up Easter Egg

Courtroom A113 – A113 refers to the class room number that many animators used at the California Institute of arts. The class room was sued for graphics design and character animation. Brad Bird and John Lasseter are 2 famous alumni of Cal Arts that have hidden A113 into their animations.

Up Easter Egg - A113


The Pizza Planet truck has appeared in every Pixar feature film since it first appeared in Toy Story. It appears in UP 3 times.

  1. Russell is lowered on a blanket you can see the Pizza Planet truck pulling out into traffic on the lower right of the scene.
  2. As Carls House is flying over a cross roads you can see the truck waiting at the lights.
  3. At the very end of the film the truck is on the far left of Fentons car park.


Up Easter Egg - Pizza Planet Up Easter Egg - Pizza Planet Up Easter Egg - Pizza Planet

Another sneak that Pixar do is they hide characters from the animation they are working on in their films. Here you can see Lotso from Toy Story 3 slumped by the bed.

Also appearing in this scene is Luxo Jr’s Ball that appears in most Pixar films.

Up Easter Egg - Luxo Jr Ball

In the Closing credits This photo shows Star Wars at the Oakland Theatre. Oakland, California is where Pixar is Based.

Up Easter Egg - Star Wars

Finally Pixar have a habit of re using items.

Does this skull look familiar? it is the skull of Gazerbeam in the Incredibles.

Up Easter Egg - Skull


Pixar’s Up is full of hidden Details. Have we forgotten any? Had you already spotted them? Let us know what you thought.
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