Hidden Details in Thomas Kinkade’s Lady and the Tramp

Thomas Kinkade Lady and the Tramp

After watching a documentary about Thomas Kinkade “Painter of Light”, I was amazed with the detailing he adds to his work. The tiny specs of paint he adds to high light and show depth was outstanding. If I had the money I’d collect his paintings and spend weeks starring into the canvases.

Lady and the Tramp was released in 1955 and was the 15th feature production from the Walt Disney Studios.

Here we’re going to look at some of the…

Hidden Details of Thomas Kinkade’s Lady and the Tramp.

Thomas Kinkade - Lady and the Tramp

Copyright Thomas Kinkade

The painting draws you in and you are bombarded with details. Lady and Tramp are drawing in the cement at the front. Tony’s Restaurant is in the middle, where a table is being prepared out back for the canine couple. The Siamese Cats are over looking from the right. In facts all the important characters of the film are there.

The Real Hidden details start with Thomas Kinkade’s children. He often hide a tribute to his four children, Merrill, Chandler, Winsor & Everett.

Hotel Winsor Chandler Merrill Everett


Occasionally there are cameo appearances from other Films. In this one we have spotted Max from The Little Mermaid, Jaques and Gus from Cinderella, Aurora’s Dress and Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.

Max - The Little Mermaid Jaques and Gus - Cinderella Aurora's Dress Lumiere - Beauty and the Beast
Nana from Peter Pan, The Mystery Girl (We’re not sure who this is supposed to be?) and there is another 3 hidden characters from previous paintings!

Nana - Peter Pan Mystery Girl

Thomas Kinkade has really got into the spirit of what a lot of Disney fans obsess about… The Details. He has even captured Hidden Mickeys!

Hidden Mickey - Mickey Balloon Hidden Mickey Hidden Mickey Hidden Mickey

You can visit the Official Page for this Thomas Kinkade painting here


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  • Reply January 7, 2015

    Kerry G

    I may be wrong, but don’t the two buildings on the hill to the right of the main house look like the Haunted Mansions from Disneyland and Disney World?

  • Reply May 11, 2015

    Tiffany Savory

    The lady is actually I think a Lion from Lion King.

  • Reply November 27, 2015


    “the mystery girl” looks like Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas..

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