The Secret codes in Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls is an animated Series on the Disney Channel. It tells the story of Dipper and Mabel Pines (twins), who spend the summer vacation with the Uncle in Gravity Falls. The Town has a mysterious surrounding it. The twins help out in their uncles tourist trap, The Mystery Shack. Although The Mystery Shack is fake and is simply just a way of fleecing money from  tourists. The Town itself has very mysterious events happening. Between the two of them they start to unlock the secrets of Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls Characters


Dipper Gravity FallsDipper is 12 years old, but 5minutes younger than his sister Mabel. He is inquisitive and eager to find out the secrets of Gravity Falls. Just like most young kids he has a crush on an older girl (Wendy Corduroy), but it too shy to let her know. If questioned about it, of course he denies it!

Mabel Pines Gravity FallsMabel is 5 minutes older than her twin brother Dipper. She is very optimistic and looks for the best in every situation. She can’t help but put a big smile in every moment. Since the age of 3 she has been a huge fan of Halloween.

The intro theme clip give a hint at what to expect. To me it’s a blend of eerie Indiana and The X files, in a child friendly production. There is an additional element to this series that many people over look. The Symbology and cryptography.

Gravity Falls Secret code

This Is taken from the opening sequence and hints towards a code decoder. And yes there are code and clues hidden through out the series.Gravity Falls Secret Codes

This clip is from the end credits of an episode called “Boyz Crazy”. During the credits this code appears.

8-1-16-16-25 14-15-23 , 1-18-9-5-12?

Simply replace the numbers with the corresponding Alphabet letters to get…
This is a reference to Ariel Hirsch. Ariel is Alex Hirsch’s twin sister and inspiration for the Character Mabel Pines.

It is nice to find a TV series that has hidden details and secrets. I won’t go into them all here as there are many websites that do that much better than I can.
If you would like to find out more visit

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Are you a big Gravity Falls fan, do you love finding secrets and conspiracy theories? Share your thoughts below and guide us further along the Gravity Falls path.
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