See What Happened When This Fish Tank Leaked

T Rex Fish Tank Leaking

T-Rex a highly theme restaurant at Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World had a “small leakage” in one of it’s fish tanks.

Diners at the restaurant on Monday Afternoon were instructed to leave the are after the leak started. A Disney spokeswoman said “the leak was small, some fish were removed and some tables had to be relocated”. The official comment suggests that the incident was barely worth noting, almost like a wobbly table.

Video of the Fish tank Leaking at T-Rex, Downtown Disney.

There were no reports of injuries and it’s believed all the fish were saved. As you can see the staff did do an amazing job working through the chaos. They were focused on protecting guests as well as the marine life. At one point the video shows 3 staff members scooping the fish to safety. The tank has been in place since the restaurant opened back in 2008. Although on the scale of disasters it was minor, but added a more realistic one that their in house meteor shower.
Did you experience this first hand? Would this affect your future experiences of T-Rex? Do you agree that the staff did an amazing rescue job?

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