Sofia the First to Star Suri Cruise.

Suri Cruise Starring as Sofia the First.

It is official, Suri Cruise is the latest celebrity to have been chosen to feature in the live action remake of a Disney classic. Suri has taken the role of Sofia the First, princess to the kingdom of Enchancia.

As exciting as the news topic is and as inline with Disney’s own forecast for live action remakes of Disney Classics. This story is only a part truth. Freelance artist Thomas Kurniawan has created live action remake posters for several of the Disney Classics. His love of Disney has turned his skills in to this fun artwork. The posters while could be used for film promotion are only for fun and unfortunately are not officially linked with any films in the making. Thomas originally created a poster for The Little Mermaid starring Emma Watson back in 2011, which generated a lot of interest. The poster started rumours around the world that Emma Watson was starring in the live action remake opposite Daniel Radcliffe as Prince Eric. The timing was perfect as Harry Potter fans were unsure of what was going to happen next with their screen stars. Unfortunately the film wasn’t being made, although it would have been good to see a talking crab and fish on screen!

Thomas’s latest poster are here for you below. One thing that we would like to take from this concept is. Sofia the first has become a major marketing opportunity towards young girls and we’re wondering if a film version would ever come out.

Suri Cruise starring as Sofia the First.

Sofia The First

Sofia the First – Image Copyright © Thomas Kurniawan


Melissa Benoist starring as Anna.

Frozen - Anna

Frozen – Anna – Image Copyright © Thomas Kurniawan

Katy Perry starring as Snow White.

Snow White

Snow White – Image Copyright © Thomas Kurniawan


Lily Collins starring as Belle.

Beauty and the Beast - Belle

Beauty and the Beast – Belle – Image Copyright © Thomas Kurniawan


Scarlett Johansson starring as Elsa.

Frozen - Elsa

Frozen – Elsa – Image Copyright © Thomas Kurniawan


Amanda Seyfried starring as Merida.

Brave Merida

Brave – Merida – Image Copyright © Thomas Kurniawan


Tang Wei starring as Mulan.


Mulan – Image Copyright © Thomas Kurniawan


Naya Rivera starring as Pocahontas.


Pocahontas – Image Copyright © Thomas Kurniawan


Gal Gadot starring as Princess Jasmine.

Aladdin - Jasmine

Aladdin – Jasmine – Image Copyright © Thomas Kurniawan


Diana Agron starring as Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty – Image Copyright © Thomas Kurniawan


Hayden Panattiere starring as Rapunzel & Jake Gyllenhaal as Flynn Ryder.

Tangled Rapunzel

Tangled – Rapunzel – Image Copyright © Thomas Kurniawan


Emma Watson starring as Ariel.

the Little mermaid

The Little Mermaid – Image Copyright © Thomas Kurniawan

Which of the posters do you like the best? Who would you like to see play the part of a Disney Princess?

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