Who is Mr Tambo?

Who is Mr Tambo? We’ll start with the history lesson before we get to the basis of our project.

Mr Tambo historically was the guy at the end of a line of Minstrels. He would usually have a tambourine in his hand that added the rhythmical percussion to the musical performance. On the other end of the line up was Mr Bones. Mr Bones would play the spoons adding another type of portable percussion. The Tambourine was like a drum and a cymbal, while the spoons added a sound like castanets / maracas. The two characters had a role to play as a simple minded clown. They interacted together, but also balanced out the rather ‘grand’ master of ceremonies who performed with grandiose nature.

Mr Tambo

Jared Joseph, Ron Holgate and JC Montgomery
The Old Globe/American Conservatory Theater
Photo by Henry DiRocco

Who is our Mr Tambo?

Our Mr Tambo is the owner of this website. He is a Theme Park Ranger, an explorer, a reporter and an addict to things fun and extreme. As the site develops you will see that we will be reporting and sharing stories of latest news mixed with information you never knew. How many times have you been to Disney World and all you saw was the polished railings and Plastic Ride seating. Mr Tambo will enlighten you in the Stories behind the stories.
Mr Tambo is not just interested in the Disney Parks though. His travelling expertise covers Universal, Busch, and the Merlin Groups many parks. Combine that with entertainment from various sources and we’re sure to keep you coming back for more.

Mr Tambo - The Theme Park Ranger

Mr Tambo – The Theme Park Ranger

Why is he called Mr Tambo?

Our Mr Tambo has nothing at all to do with tambourines… or Has it?
To add the ultimate nerdy back story to our guy we’ll take you on a journey into the back catalogue of They Might Be Giants and to a song called “Weep Day”. The song was inspired by reading the Bob Dylan song title “Mr Tambourine Man” written down. Unfortunately where it was written it became hyphenated and turned in to Mr Tambo – Urine Man.

“Yes, it’s samba time for Tambo and weep day for Urine Man.”

John Flansburgh and John Linnell are worried about "gray goo" Image credit: Shervin Lainez

John Flansburgh and John Linnell are worried about “gray goo”
Image credit: Shervin Lainez

So, there we are after our first post. Mr Tambo isn’t a character from the Minstrel days, but instead a typing mistake that spawned lyrics and a geeky following.

This Is Tambo - Over and Out.

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