Is Hobs Pit the Scariest Attraction in the UK?

Is Hobs Pit the Scariest Attraction in the UK?

Could Hobs Pit the Scariest Attraction in the UK?

I had my doubts I must admit. Generally as a rule theme parks in the UK are good, but not great. There ability to be a theme park without the immersive theming is beyond me sometimes. Maybe we’re just to used to the large scale budgets of the state side parks. Here the budget is king and usually it is stuck too.

Hobs Pit

Hobs pit is the second attraction in the UK to be given a BBFC rating of 12a. Meaning that the attraction isn’t suitable for anyone under the age of 12, but a child can go on if accompanied by an adult. So even before you’ve stepped on the attraction your already wondering what is about to happen? And this is where Hobs pit sets the level higher than other dark rides / ghost trains.

You enter the attraction through the gift shop! Surely they have this one wrong. While lining up to gain entry costumed assistants from the shop are starting to weaken your defences. Then it’s a waiting game for your entrance to the pit.

Hobs Pit - Pleasurewood Hills


You are let in, in small groups down to the entrance of the mine, where your met with amazing illusion and effects. While there is nothing brand new on offer here, the combination of the effects, make it feel new as you react to the events. Now it would spoil the scare factor if I were to explain the exact make up of the attraction, but I will say it is built in two halves. The First half is a walk through scare Maze, followed by a ghost train style ride.

Hobs Pit - Pleasurewood Hills


Hollywood special effects artist Rob Ostir help round off the concept and refine Hobs Pit into a true Theme Park attraction.

Home Made?

Pleasurewood Hills’ resident illusionist Sean Alexander, brought together the show writing and illusions concept. This is the main reason Hobs Pit is as good as it is. Illusions are a reality that happens in your mind, which is where the concept of fear also lurks. Creating the reasons to be scared are easy to do, but to make them believable and blurring the reality so you live it is a little tougher. Together everyone involved has done an amazing job here.


Is Hobs Pit the Scariest Attraction in the UK?

Comparing it with Nemesis – Sub terra, Hobs pit wins hands down. For an attraction that was created on a relatively small budget, they have got a lot of reactions from their investment.
I was lucky enough to be part of the preview team and saw it in it’s early stages. I can officially say it is very vary scary and I ran through the maze, squeezed up behind a much bigger braver person! There are a couple of scenes where the quality has been cut, but there is also one scene where the anticipation for a big scare builds to the point of subsiding, then BAM! your got.

This is the official website for the attraction it doesn’t do it justice.

 Have you been to Pleasurewood Hills? What were your thoughts on UK theme Parks? Is Hobs Pit the UK’s Scariest Attraction?

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