Inside Out Easter Eggs

Inside Out Easter Eggs

Pixar loves to hide Easter Eggs in their films and it is now one of the secret addictions we have when seeing their movies. Not only is their animation getting better and better on every movie, but their catalogue of items to hide in films is also growing. There are a handful of set things you should expect as easter eggs in Pixar films. References to A113, The Pizza Planet Truck, John Ratzenberger and a character from the movie that will be released after the one your watching. This is where we will start.

The Good Dinosaur in Inside Out

Arlo, the Apatosaurus can be seen here in a memory recall of their journey to San Fransisco.

Arlo - The Good Dinosaur in Inside Out

He’s not alone either Forrest Woodbush is more prominently represented too.

Forrest WoodBush - The Good Dinosaur in Inside Out.


A Bugs Life

Not a major one here, but the carton that Riley is eating from is the same ones used in It’s a Bugs Life.

Chinese Food


Toy Story.

These ones are a little harder to spot.

Toy Story Characters in Inside Out

The Skull design T-shirt is an inverted version of the one that Sid wears in Toy Story. His is Black with a white Skull.

Sids T-Shirt in Inside out

This is the trickiest Easter Egg to spot, so I’ve coloured the Characters in. Rex and Woody are camouflaged in the Camouflage T-shirt this kid is wearing.

Toy Story Characters on Shirt

Sunnyside Daycare in Toy story 3 has almost the same climbing frame. The difference is that their slide has a twist in it. If your a believer of the Pixar Theory, there will be a link and some evolution there too.

Toy Story Easter Egg in Inside Out



A dead mouse is found in Riley’s new home. The Mouse looks an awful lot like Remy.

Ratatouille in Inside Out

On the Coffee Table is a magazine with a picture of Colette on the from Page.

Collette - Ratatouiile in Inside Out

Pizza Planet Truck

I know it’s Toy Story related and should have been added up there!
3 different scenes with the Pizza Planet Truck and this is where you’d find more movie references too. The Memory Orbs.
Joy is “standing on one”.

PIzza Planet Truck in Inside Out

Disgust seems to be wearing one like a ring.

Pizza Planet truck Easter Egg

Fear is running away from it on the back wall.

Pizza Planet Truck


Pixar References

This boy with a green Shirt on has 86 across the front. After a little research, 1986 was the year that Pixar was formed.

86 The Pixar was formed.

DocPete is a reference to Pete Docter the Director of Inside Out.

Pete Docter in Inside Out

Krause is a reference to supervising animator Shawn Krause.



Hidden Mickey

Everyone loves Hidden Mickeys right? Now one else seems to have picked up on this one either.
On the right hand side of Dream Productions Studio Lot is a hidden Mickey sitting on the crate.

Dream Productions Studio and Hidden Mickey in Inside Out

There also seems to be a Tin Toy Reference in there too.

Tin Toy Reference


John Ratzenberger

It wouldn’t be a Pixar movie without John Ratzenberger. John appears in the end of the movie, where he installs an upgraded console.

John Ratzenberger


Journey into Imaginationland with Figment

Everyones favourite purple dragon is hiding in the building rubble on the right hand side. Figment is a resident in Epcot’s Imagination Pavilion.

Figent in Inside Out


Finding Nemo

One of the games boxes in This scene shows Nemo on a game called Find Me!
Underneath could be a reference to The Good Dinosaur.
Below that is a Game called For the Birds (a Pixar Short). The Birds also appear in the journey scene by the title credits.

Finding Nemo in Inside Out

Hopefully you found these Inside Out Easter Eggs interesting. If you have found others in the film, please comment below and share the ones you’ve found.

This Is Tambo - Over and Out.

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