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Gravity Falls is full of secrets Messages. In fact there are so many Gravity Falls Secret Messages that I would have to break them down into multiple sections if I were to cover them all. So instead of doing them all in one large chunk, we’ll start off at the beginning.

Gravity Falls Secrets Messages within the Intro Sequence.


The beginning of the intro sequence sets up the setting of Gravity Falls. There is nothing unusual to see here. It’s just like Twin peaks but in animation form!

Gravity Falls - Pine Trees

Water Falls and Pine Trees, Gravity Falls is a normal everyday mountain settlement



Gravity Falls


Home to lumber Jacks and forestry.

Gravity Falls

Big Foot in a Big foot

Stan, Dipper and Mabel stand in a recess in the ground looking at a Big Foot print. They seem to be oblivious to the bigger big foot print.

Gravity Falls Secret Big Foot

When this scene is on the screen it seems like you’ve missed something. at the beginning of it something flashes past the screen, then another item for a flash. I can confirm that the second flash is in fact Big foot. He is visable for 1 frame. The previous one is 2 leaves falling from the tree.

Gravity Falls Dipper Pines

Strangely this code doesn’t appear to be decoded in the series!

It shows a weather vane, but instead of North, South, East and West, it points out W, H, A and T! What exactly is Gravity Falls?

Gravity Falls What

The final clip in the intro is a mystical page of cryptic notations.

Gravity Falls Secret Messages intro ending


The Inside of the mystic ring shows an all seeing eye character. This character shows up within the Series and is known as Bill Cipher. He is a Mind Demon that is summoned to enter Dippers mind.

Gravity Falls Bill Cipher

Surrounding him are ten symbols like the signs of the zodiac. The symbols all relate to characters within Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls Question Mark Soos Gravity Falls

The ? symbol represents Soos, who works at the Mystery Shack. The ? symbol is upon his T Shirt.


Gravity Falls Ice

The Ice symbol represents… Well we’re not 100% sure. It is suggested this could be Wendy Corduroy, but it isn’t definite.


Gravity Falls Stan PinesGravity Falls Secret Society

The Claw symbol represents Stan Pines. It is a secret society Symbol that is emblazoned upon his Fez (hat)


Dipper PinesGravity Falls Pine

Dipper Pines is represented by the Pine Tree symbol. The symbol is on his baseball cap.


Gravity Falls Star Amulet Gravity Falls Gideon Gleeful

The Mystic Star symbol represents Gideon Gleeful. Gideon is a famous psychic in Gravity Falls, who uses his secret powers to summon Bill Cipher the mind demon.


Gravity Falls hand   Gravity Falls Journal 3


The Hand symbol represents the journals that contain the cryptic notes about the creatures and Gravity Falls Secrets. Journal 1 is owned by Stan, Journal 2 was owned by Gideon Gleeful and Journal 3 is in Dipper’s possession.


Gravity Falls Mabel LlamaGravity Falls Llama

The Llama symbol and the next symbol around is confusing but also obvious. With Mabel’s love of jumpers she has a Llama Sweater.


Gravity Falls - Mabel PinesGravity Falls Shooting Star

The Shooting Star is an obvious point at Mabel Pines, but why would she be featured twice in the Cipher wheel?


Gravity Falls RobbieGravity Falls Stitched heart

The Stitched heart is a nod to Robbie, Wendy Corduroy’s ex boyfriend.


Gravity Falls Glasses  Gravity Falls Stan History

The Glasses seem to be a second representation of Stan, but this time in his younger days.

 Gravity Falls Secret Messages!

Gravity Falls Bill Cipher


Are you a big Gravity Falls fan, do you love finding secrets and conspiracy theories? Share your thoughts below and guide us further along the Gravity Falls path.
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  • Reply September 26, 2015

    maitrella perez

    In the journal with bill and the symbols to the right there is a cheat code to a arcade game dipper played in one of the episodes i think it might have something to do with bill or might be a cheat to the online game

  • Reply November 3, 2015

    Simon Paschal

    Can you do one updated to the newest episodes? Like, how the glasses aren’t Stan, but Stanley, his brother. Also, I think the ice represents the eye monster from the episode where Dipper and Wendy’s friends go to the abandoned store. Just a thought.

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