What Makes The Turkey Legs Juicy?

What Makes Disney's Turkey Legs So Juicy?

Have you ever wondered how Disney get their GIGANTIC Turkey Legs so juicy? Here at Mr Tambo we couldn’t work it out ourselves, but then we researched it and found the answer very surprising!

Lets start back in the early days of the Magic Kingdom. The days when you could get a ‘coon skin cap and kids knew who Davy Crockett was. The turkey leg was introduced to add to the story of Frontierland. Guests travelling into the “Wild West” wouldn’t appear out of place gnawing on a meaty bone. Imagine Cowboys around a fire, cooking their daily offering, as they drove cattle across state. This is one of the areas that Disney have always excelled in. Nothing out of place, nothing out of character.

“In 2013 Disney were set to sell 2,000,000 Turkey Legs”

The park snack has grown in popularity year on year. The snack had grown so popular that  Disney had released it’s own Turkey leg merchandise. I kid you not! Guests were snapping up T-Shirts with Turkey Leg designs on, Fridge Magnets, Crisped rice snacks in the shape of the large drummer.

Turkey Leg T-Shirt


The weirdest Turkey leg accessory available has to be the Turkey Leg scented Air Freshener! You see it’s the Hickory smoked juiciness of the Turkey Leg that people are crying out for.

Turkey Leg Air Freshener
It’s not necessarily the meat, the chewing or the value of it that people are buying it for.  In fact, one of the Mr Tambo followers has told us that they hate the Turkey leg as it is “Like chewing down of rubber bands. Every mouthful is tendon or sinew!”. He may have had some bad legs, but we believe it as a valid review.

The Meaty snack is being bought for the juicy flavour and the novelty value. The novelty value is in the holding of One and a half pounds of meat and bone. Wafting it around like a primeval warrior. Releasing that inner Cave-man. When was the last time you ate that much meat in one sitting? As soon as you’ve purchased on your group of fellow park goers are snapping that photo for Twitter, Instagram and your Facebook timeline. Your adding to the marketing of these meaty snacks.The flavour comes from a combination of items. The choice of turkey to start with is important. Disney purchases their turkey from the Upper Midwest where the male turkeys grow to 40 – 50 pounds. The birds size is natural as it is against state law to inject Turkeys with Steroids.  The legs are bathed in a salt water cure before being slow cooked in a Hickory Smoker for 6 hours. They are bathed in a salt water cure.
The real secret to their juiciness  here is the salt water cure.

“The Salt Water cure is injected into the muscle tissue to ensure absorption”.

It really never crossed our minds that a simple snack would be processed in this way. A glaze maybe or a marinade, but actually injecting salt water into a Turkey leg blew our minds. Here at Mr Tambo we are in mixed minds over Turkey Legs. Some of us love them, one of us hate them. Where do you stand on the meaty snack? Are they a must have or a must leave option for you on a Disney visit?

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    Our whole family loves the turkey legs! Last June we went to Europe on the Disney Magic and I was surprised they had them on the ship. It’s the first thing we had four when we enter the park. It’s become sort of a family tradition we go to Disney world.

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