Disney’s Classic “The Skeleton Dance” Beatboxed

Disney's Skeleton Dance

Tom Thum has created a bit of a internet storm with his amazing rendition of the Disney Classic “Skeleton Dance”. When we first saw it in the office it was like audio glue, we couldn’t pull ourselves away.

Tom Thum

Originally rising to fame as a Graffiti Artist, Tom Thum is now one of Australia’s most prominent and respected beatboxers. He has been touring and performing since 2005. The Guardian Newspaper wrote ‘Tom Thum appears to have swallowed an entire orchestra and several backing singers’, and this is so true.
Some of the sounds that come out of his mouth are hard to believe are produced by him. Long gone are the days of “Pah Cha, Pah Pah Cha, ba doom pah!” Tom’s Beatboxing is more symphonic in creation.

Here he has remixed the Skeleton Dance, one of Disney’s Silly Symphony from 1929. Originally this remix was created for a Halloween release we felt that now is a good time to share also.


 “Skeleton Dance” – Silly Symphony

We have also added the Original version for you to watch and compare.
Skeleton Dance is notable for being the first animated cartoon to use non-post-sync sound. Animation from this short was also reused in the short Haunted House, in which Mickey Mouse is forced to play music for the dancing skeletons.

What are your thoughts? Are you a Beatbox fan or do you prefer the original Classic?

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