Aladdin Easter Eggs

Aladdin Easter Eggs Robin Williams Genie

Hey You over there in the Old Bazaar, yes you… Ok you know Aladdin like the back of your hand, but have you ever noticed these Aladdin Easter Eggs? After 5 hours of watching the animation scene by scene these are the ones we have found and feel are true. Many people have mentioned items that vaguely resemble something. One example is a ripped curtain that looks like Cinderella’s Castle, at Mr Tambo we don’t believe this to be a true Aladdin Easter Egg. So lets skip the babble and get to the Pictures.


Aladdin Easter Eggs & Hidden Mickeys.

When the first prince is riding into town to meet Jasmine, Aladdin is watching from the crowd. These 2 fellows either side of him are the Directors of Aladdin, Ron Clements & John Musker. Their Cameo in the film is repeated when Prince Ali rides in on an Abu Elephant.

Aladdin Directors


The Sultan is playing with some carved wooden Animals, One of the animals is the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.  Beauty and the Beast was released the year before. Aladdin Hidden Beast


The entrance to Jafar’s under ground “lair” is through a secret door panel, operated by a tug on the lamp tassel. The Decorative patterns on the base of the walls, while still keeping the Arabian theme look more like Fire. The Lamps hanging from the ceiling look like evil skull heads, but very fitting from a Villain.

Aladdin Jafar Skull


Aladdin wishes to be turned into a prince. While the Genie is Searching through his wish book, a certain sea creature nips him. Sebastian the Crab from The Little Mermaid makes a brief appearance complete with a little “Under The Sea” Music.

Aladdin Sebastian Genie


Pinocchio also makes a brief appearance, complete with growing nose!

Aladdin Pinocchio appearance


As Jafar’s magic is broken Rajah, is transformed back from a tiger cub to a full size tiger. However a blink and you can miss it moment is a Mickey Mouse Head appearing in the morphing moment.Aladdin Hidden Mickey


In the Closing Credits of Aladdin, we couldn’t help but notice the PIXAR credit. Thomas Hahn, Peter Nye and Michael Shantzis are all software engineers. Which could be related to the co-developed Disney Pixar software called CAPS. Which was first used on the Rescuers Down Under. Aladdin would have been the third film made with the program. The software made production easier and richer. Sofer shadows were easier to achieve, the Multiplane technique pioneered by Walt Disney was simulated by computer. It also allowed for Computer generated scenery to be integrated easily. The Cave of Wonders Scene is very much CGI based, in fact you can notice the pixels in the artwork of the texture mapping during the carpet ride escape scenes. What was cutting edge then has been superseded since. Aladdin Pixar


Bonus collection…

Robin Williams Genie Impressions.

Robin Williams Genie is by far the power behind Aladdin, The animation team, script writers and man himself developed an inimitable character in the Genie. Robin Williams had such energy in his performances that he seemed to rarely come up for air. Weather they were written into the film or ad libbed by Robin there are lots of impersonations through out Aladdin.
Sadly Robin Williams died August 11th, 2014.
RIP Robin Williams

Robin Williams as Rodney Dangerfield

Robin Williams - Rodney Dangerfield

Robin Williams as Ed Sullivan

Robin Williams - Ed Sullivan

Robin Williams as Arnold Schwarzenegger

Robin Williams - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Robin Williams as Cab Calloway

Robin Williams - Cab Calloway

Robin Williams as Groucho Marx

Robin Williams - Groucho Marx

Robin Williams as Jack Nicholson

Robin Williams - Jack Nicholson

Robin Williams as Peter Lorres

Robin Williams - Peter Lorres

Robin Williams as Robert De Niro

Robin William - Robert De Niro

Robin Williams as William F. Buckley, Jr.

Robbin Williams - William F. Buckley, Jr


Robin Williams as William F. Buckley, Jr.

Robbin Williams - William F. Buckley, Jr

We hope you enjoyed our look in the the Aladdin Easter Eggs and the Robin Williams impressions within Aladdin.

If you know of any that we have missed drop us a message in the comments below and we’ll endeavour to update the list.

This Is Tambo - Over and Out.

Here is a the Unofficial Aladdin Site for more details and info about Aladdin.


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