Adventurtorium by DJ Rom


Inspiration arrives in different forms and the outcome can sometimes be surprising. DJ Rom has mixed together a Musical Experience taking inspiration from Pixar’s UP. The Production re tells the story of Up through a collection of ReMixed tracks. Each one takes audio from UP, Disney and Iconic Theme Park Attractions. The Collection of 35 tracks is available on a limited edition basis from April 14th 2014.

For your $10, you will get:

  • 25% donated to Give Kids the World charity
  • Limited Edition, 1 of 500 copies
  • 2 full color hand-drawn discs
  • 4 panel hand-drawn CD wallet

Adventurtorium - an UP inspired Musical
The Cover art was designed by Matt Lewis

The Tracks

35 tracks is a mammoth project to approach, but the outcome has been successful. As with all Albums there are favourites formed over others. Some of the mixes are surprising some are VERY surprising. Without giving too much away what happens when ODB meets Ev’rybody has a laughin’ Place! The answer is revealed in Track 4.

Track 8 : Columbo Numbus mixes Universe of Energy with Missy Elliot’s Work It with style. Arguably one of my favourites off the set. followed by Step in the right Direction with Blaque – 808

Joe Pardo (DJ Rom) has said in previous interviews that the whole project was focused upon Story. The Tracks that have been selected for the mixes where chosen to help tell the story of UP. Not just to add tracks for the sake of it.

Teaser Trailer

The Launch

As of Sunday 13th April 2014 will be streaming the full album for 24 hours via

On April 14th 2014 the album will be FREE to download as mp3 files via the website below. But if you would like to help raise money for Give Kids the World and get limited press CD and Wallet remember for the low fee of $10 you are getting so much more.


You will also be able to help raise more money for Give Kids the world by bidding on the Cover Artwork from Adventurtorium. As of Sunday 8am and will be releasing a blog post that you need to comment on to Bid on. There is also another competition for sharing and liking the Adventurtorium posts on their Facebook Pages. So for a chance of getting your hands on some musical history check out the links above.

Well Done Joe, we at Mr. Tambo love your creation.

Contact DJ Rom for more details.



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