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Mr Tambo is a site for sharing an insight into the theme park and entertainment world. The site is ran by a growing group of theme park enthusiasts with a passion for sharing knowledge.

Where did the name Mr Tambo come from?

A good question. There could be several answers to this, one according to Wiki is that the end person on a string of minstrels who shook the tambourine was Mr Tambo. Technically correct and a step in the right direction. Our answer though is a little more cryptic. A popular band in the 90’s called They Might Be Giants recounted a tale in a interview. While reading a news article about a song by Bob Dylan, they discovered two new characters. As the article was written in columns it mean that Mr Tambourine Man was split into Mr Tambo and Urine Man. We feel Mr Tambo was the better choice for this kind of website!

Can I write for Mr Tambo?

By all means drop us an email via the contact page with links to other articles you have written and we’ll consider you for the team.