102 Ways to Save Money for and At Walt Disney World

Save Money at Walt Disney World

Visiting and Staying at Walt Disney World is becoming more of a financial challenge every year. The rates are rising and our wages aren’t matching the increase. Author and podcaster Lou Mongello has just released another book about his favourite subject, Walt Disney World. This time it tackles the financial implications or looks at how you can ease that Disney Dilemma.

The New Book ‘102 Ways to Save Money for and at Walt Disney World’ is available for digital download via www.disney102.com as well as the Kindle store, the nook and Amazon (for the paperback). Pricing varies between $9.99 and $15.95 depending upon your chosen version. As far as costs go, these are very reasonable and as Lou has said “In fact, we have a money-back guarantee – if you are unable to save money after reading this book, you will get the purchase price back!”. You really can’t say fairer than that. For easier reading from now on we’ll refer to this book as “The Book”, as the title is a little wordy.

102 ways to save for and at Walt Disney World


As huge Disney Fans we have heard nearly every piece of advice there is to know about a Disney Vacation. However some of the items included in the book opened our eyes. Sometimes it takes a different view point on your situation to highlight the obvious. The book is divided into many sections. At the beginning we’re looking at Before You Go, When To Go and How To Go.

Lou shares ideas about how you could save you funds. Believe it or not this was one of the areas where we’d totally overlooked. Simple concepts such as a monthly savings plan. These are things that you’ve thought about, but when someone else’s says it, it makes sense and you do it. Ticketing options are a mine field when travelling to Disney. There are too many options and sometime you don’t need all of them. With all the options shown in one place you can start to work out if it’s more viable and practical to annual pass it rather than 10 day ticket it. Consider Tables in Wonderland and other discounted perks by being a pass holder.

102 way to Save for Disney - Pages

When it comes to Dining Lou is your man. There is never a food opportunity goes by with out a sneaky snack. The Disney Dining Plan is one of those enigmas that can trip people up. The book looks at 5 options: Quick Service Dining Plan, Standard Dining Plan, Deluxe Dining Plan, Premium Dining Plan and Platinum Dining Plan. Most people will know details about the first three, the final two options are slightly miss sold. These DIning plans include experiences and products, including Tickets to Shows, Spa Treatments, Golf, boat rentals, Theme Park Tours, Photo Pass products etc. So If you had a plan on spending $$$ on the extras it may work out a good deal to super size your Dining Plan.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we read “Make your own Fireworks Desert Party!”. We stand and salute you mr Mongello, your thoughts outside of the box WILL save our families many times your book value.

As we started off saying with this review of “102 Ways to Save Money for and at Walt Disney World”. This book is great value and will help many people in not only saving money, but in planning. When it comes to your Disney Vacation, planning is one of the major parts of it, and when it comes to a first time guest, it can be daunting. So Mr Tambo suggests you arm yourselves with as much paperback ammunition as possible to create the ultimate experience.

Well Done Lou, you have done it again. Visit 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World!
for purchase info.

Have you read this book? Or others by Lou Mongello? What are your thoughts we’d love to here from you.


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